Monday, April 10, 2017

From Bad To Worse: The Problems Caused By a Misaligned Wheel

A misaligned wheel seems to be so harmless when one looks at it with the car in a stationary position. However, this causes various problems for the driver’s safety on the road, as well as that of their passengers’.

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The relatively less alarming issue that this causes is uneven wear on the tires. This would show that one side of the tire seems to get into contact with the ground more often than the other. Naturally, this is the perfect condition for one to have a flat tire, especially if the damage breaches the tire’s air cavity.

A more serious problem that a misaligned wheel causes is imbalanced steering. This may be quite manageable at low speed, but on the freeway, it quickly becomes a threat to all other vehicles within proximity of the problematic car. A car with imbalanced steering forces the driver to put too much concentration on keeping the car in a straight line. It removes the driver’s attention from other important things as he navigates.

The most serious issue caused by a misaligned wheel is uneven breaking. Because the wheel is misaligned, the clamping system of the car’s breaks may either engage too late or too soon. If one wheel breaks ahead of the other, then this causes the car to spin literally. It is very disastrous when a car is cruising at high speed.

Wheel alignment is a safety practice that all car owners should know. It’s a good thing that with the car service contracts available nowadays, this problem can be fixed easily, and can even save lives.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Some Subtle Signs Of Steering Issues And Their Consequences

A car’s steering wheel is one of the main points of control that a driver has at his disposal. It is crucial to ensure the functionality of a car’s steering system because when it doesn’t work right, it will compromise the safety of the driver and all passengers in the car. There are subtle signs of a problematic steering system to which one has to be sensitive.

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Sometimes, a car seems to show left and right turning radii which are significantly dissimilar in size. This means that one wheel turns with a greater angle compared to the other. This could get worse and spell unfortunate disaster in the near future.

Some people might choose to ignore this, but there are instances when a steering wheel does not remain upright, even if the tires are already in a neutral position. This is a sign that a steering wheel has loosened its grip on the steering post. Of course, when left unchecked, the extreme of this is that the steering wheel comes off altogether, a clear danger on the road.

A steering wheel is able to control how tires turn by means of a gearing system. When a driver gets the feeling that he has to steer the wheel more times just to make the tires point in a chosen direction, this is a sign of delayed steering response.

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These issues have consequences that pose a danger to life. The truly safe car is one that has a service contract covering periodical check-ups to avert the escalation of small issues into huge, dangerous, and irreversible problems.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Breaking It Down: The Basics Of Auto Repair Coverage

Even after car warranties have expired, vehicle owners can have peace of mind in knowing they can maintain their beloved wheels for longer. Currently, the average age of cars in the United States is 11 years old. This means either of two things or both: owners are maintaining their vehicles well or cars have become more durable.

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Whatever the case, statistically speaking, 11 years is a fair amount of time to maximize the value of a vehicle. It is also long enough for a car to be subject to mechanical breakdowns. Auto repair coverage is a sensible option for when vehicle owners do not feel the need to replace their cars even after their warranties have expired. More importantly, these are cushions for when mechanical breakdowns do occur.

Breakdowns can occur in any car part. Certain policies can cover all components, especially when vehicles are more than seven years old. Moreover, auto repair coverage is mainly concerned about the vehicle---the car owner or driver’s driving record, credit score, and other personal details are not part of the equation.

Further bundled with auto repair coverage is coverage for costs incurred during vehicle breakdowns. Again, depending on the policy type, roadside assistance in the form of towing, flat tire changes, jump starts, vehicle fluid delivery, lockout service, concierge service, and other forms of reimbursement is included. Other types of coverage would focus on road hazard, rental car reimbursement, and even trip interruption.

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Summarily, an auto repair coverage looks after a vehicle, but by extension also looks after the owner’s safety and financial well-being during mechanical breakdowns.

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Listen to Your Car: Signs of an Imminent Breakdown

As a driver, it is important to pay attention to the feel and sounds of a car for one's own safety. Some signs forebode that the car should make a trip to an auto repair shop.
When the engine chugs slowly, and it takes several attempts to get it running, the battery is dying and needs to be replaced immediately. However, this could also mean a failing alternator or starter.

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When the car squeals or grinds when stepping on the brakes, something is off with the brake system. Brake failure is one of the most dangerous hazards on the road.
Excessive vibrations manifest problems possibly with the tire alignment, brake rotors or caliper, the engine, or transmission.
Oil spots underneath the car signify a leak, and the oil may soon drain very quickly and cause an expensive problem.

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There are several probable causes to the different signs of an impending car failure, and the only way a car owner can confirm this is to have it checked by a repair professional as soon as possible.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Advice: Best Practices For First-Time Car Owners

It is exciting to own a new car. However, new owners should know that there is more to a car than just driving it. Apart from learning traffic rules and road courtesy, a car owner would do better to learn about the best practices for car maintenance.

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Proper care lengthens the car's usability, prevents excessive repairs, and retains more of its re-sale value. One way to ensure this is to practice a smooth driving style. Avoid pressing hard on the accelerator, brakes, and clutch to reduce stress and wear on components. Gradually build speed and go easy on the gas, and avoid tailgating to allow gradual deceleration for gentler braking.

Wash off harsh elements on the car such as dust, sand, and even bird droppings as soon as possible. Keep the car in the shade. Environmental elements can wear off the car's finish.

Take periodic maintenance seriously and only from trusted professional service centers. Components need to be replaced after certain mileage, especially oil. Also remember to keep all service records and receipts, along with warranty cards and registration in the car. These will be needed later should the car be resold or swapped.

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Consider extending the warranty or insurance of the car to ensure that minor repairs are dealt with original parts and by accredited service centers.

With these best practices, new car owners can enjoy their vehicles for more years and get their money's worth should they decide to sell.

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Car Maintenance Coverage: Peace Of Mind Behind The Wheel

It takes a seasoned driver to understand the significance of placing oneself behind the wheel of a car to take on a huge responsibility with a fair amount of peace of mind. Often, when a driver is not secure, for whatever reason, this could cause a lack of confidence which could compromise the success of his trip from origin to destination.

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It is challenging enough to go out on the road when, for instance, you’re driving without a spare tire. Although there is a mathematical possibility that the journey would be completed without incident, the nagging thought of getting a flat tire will mentally pester an otherwise responsible driver for the duration of the trip.

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The same can be said about busted headlights, or even a stubborn wiper. It is not fundamentally sound for a driver to have to go in his course, while half the time he is distracted with hoping that he does not run out of daylight, or that the rain does not suddenly decide to fall.

Ultimately, nothing provides a driver with the blissful peace of mind that a car repair coverage brings. All across the U.S.A., drivers rack up thousands upon thousands of miles, most of them driving aging cars as they go. Useful products like vehicle service contracts could spell the difference between a relaxed, worry-free drive, and one that is tense and filled with anxiety over the smallest details.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Omega Auto Care: Footing The Bill And More

Most car owners already have insurance that protects them if someone or something caused damage to their vehicle. Occasionally, though, cars succumb to breakdowns that are caused by mechanical failure. These problems can typically be resolved by claiming factory warranty from the vehicle dealer or distributor.

But these warranties typically last for just around three to five years, leaving car owners disconcerted that they have to shoulder the cost of repairs not beyond the coverage of warranties.

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Omega Auto Care provides an auto repair service contract that picks up the tab for its clients in the event of a breakdown of the covered parts or systems. The company prides itself in knowing that they have offered their clients peace of mind to enjoy and maximize their automotive vehicles.

This service contract provider also goes the extra mile by providing roadside assistance, with some of the product or service offerings including towing, flat tire changes, jump starts, and vehicle fluid delivery. A concierge service and reimbursement are also available.

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Some of the company’s insurance programs also employ road hazard coverage. Should the driver encounter a road hazard, the cost of repair or replacement will be paid directly to customer upon analysis. Reimbursement for car rentals (during the period of the breakdown) is also given. And if the motorist is left stranded, an added layer of protection is established through reimbursement of overnight stays and meals.

Well-reviewed by policy holders, Omega Auto Care comes to the aid of car owners who intend to keep their investment even after their vehicles’ factory warranties have lapsed. Read more on how the Jacksonville, FL-based company has provided assistance to its long list of customers by going to this website.