Friday, January 13, 2017

Listen to Your Car: Signs of an Imminent Breakdown

As a driver, it is important to pay attention to the feel and sounds of a car for one's own safety. Some signs forebode that the car should make a trip to an auto repair shop.
When the engine chugs slowly, and it takes several attempts to get it running, the battery is dying and needs to be replaced immediately. However, this could also mean a failing alternator or starter.

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When the car squeals or grinds when stepping on the brakes, something is off with the brake system. Brake failure is one of the most dangerous hazards on the road.
Excessive vibrations manifest problems possibly with the tire alignment, brake rotors or caliper, the engine, or transmission.
Oil spots underneath the car signify a leak, and the oil may soon drain very quickly and cause an expensive problem.

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There are several probable causes to the different signs of an impending car failure, and the only way a car owner can confirm this is to have it checked by a repair professional as soon as possible.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Advice: Best Practices For First-Time Car Owners

It is exciting to own a new car. However, new owners should know that there is more to a car than just driving it. Apart from learning traffic rules and road courtesy, a car owner would do better to learn about the best practices for car maintenance.

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Proper care lengthens the car's usability, prevents excessive repairs, and retains more of its re-sale value. One way to ensure this is to practice a smooth driving style. Avoid pressing hard on the accelerator, brakes, and clutch to reduce stress and wear on components. Gradually build speed and go easy on the gas, and avoid tailgating to allow gradual deceleration for gentler braking.

Wash off harsh elements on the car such as dust, sand, and even bird droppings as soon as possible. Keep the car in the shade. Environmental elements can wear off the car's finish.

Take periodic maintenance seriously and only from trusted professional service centers. Components need to be replaced after certain mileage, especially oil. Also remember to keep all service records and receipts, along with warranty cards and registration in the car. These will be needed later should the car be resold or swapped.

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Consider extending the warranty or insurance of the car to ensure that minor repairs are dealt with original parts and by accredited service centers.

With these best practices, new car owners can enjoy their vehicles for more years and get their money's worth should they decide to sell.

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